PhD education

Regulations, guidelines and action plan

Below you will find the principal guiding documents for the doctoral education at the University of Bergen.

Lovverk og regler
Eivind Senneset


The regulations for the philosophiae doctor (PhD) degree are paramount to all PhD education at our institution. If there are any differences in text between these webpages and the regulations, the PhD regulations pertains.
Regulations for the philosophiae doctor (PhD) degree at the University of Bergen



Description of learning outcomes

The following are the total knowledge, skill and general competency learning outcomes for fully qualified PhD Candidates at the University of Bergen.


The Candidate

  • is at the international forefront of their subject area, and masters the subject area's theories and/or artistic questions and methods;
  • can evaluate the appropriateness and usefulness of various perspectives, methods and processes in research and in academic and/or artistic projects;
  • can contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, methods interpretations and forms of documentation within their subject area.


The Candidate

  • can formulate research questions and topics for academic and/or artistic development;
  • can plan and conduct research and academic and/or artistic projects at a high international level;
  • can analyse and handle complex academic questions and challenge established knowledge and practise within their subject area.

General competencies

The Candidate

  • can identify, analyse and critically reflect on research ethics as these relate to research projects and areas;
  • can conduct research and dissemination with academic integrity and in accordance with the basic values of academic activities;
  • can account for and critically reflect on conflicts of values and interests in their own research area and in the relationship between their own research area and other social actors;
  • can contribute to the management of, and can collaborate on, complex interdisciplinary tasks and projects;
  • can disseminate research and development through highly ranked national and international channels;
  • can participate in debates within their subject area in national and international forums;
  • can evaluate the need for renewal, and can initiate and engage in groundbreaking thinking and innovation.


Action plan for PhD education