Political Ecology Research Group

energy and agriculture

The Political Ecology Research Group explores the relationships between resource management and social inequality in local and global contexts. Political ecology is an interdisciplinary area of research, and the group discusses empirical studies within the field and various theoretical approaches, such as Actor-Network Theory, Marxist and Foucauldian approaches. The work of this group is also heavily informed by environmental and economic anthropology as well as the anthropology of landscape. Members explore which political, financial and social forces that are at play in politicizing and managing the natural environment, while critically examining knowledge production within this field. Thematic keywords include: contested natural resources, energy extraction, climate change, conservation, land rights, corporate ethics, sustainability and infrastructure.

We encourage both students and researchers to contact us if you are interested in learning more about the work of the political ecology research group. Members of the group include professors, PhD-candidates, project staff and students. Several group members are also part of the Energy Anthropology Network. The NFR-funded project Energethics - Norwegian energy companies abroad is closely linked to the research group, which contributes to a particular focus on extraction of natural resources and corporate social responsibility. Energethics is headed by Professor and Head of Department Ståle Knudsen.