Partnership between Norway and Japan for excellent Education and Research in Weather and Climate Dynamics (NORPAN)


AORI – UiB workshop on abrupt climate change and glacial climate

A group of scientists from Bergen visited AORI on 19-20 January 2018


photo 1
The group enjoying lunch together

A group of 4 scientists from Bergen (Kerim Nisancioglu, Are Olsen, Chuncheng Guo, and Mari F. Jensen) visited AORI on the 19th and 20th of January. The main topic of the meeting was abrupt climate change and glacial climate, and the meeting consisted of short presentation and ample time for discussion. The two different institutions work on similar problems, and many similarities and differences in results were discussed. In particular, both groups have GCM runs from the last glacial period which were compared. We complemented each other well as the focus in Bergen-group was the ocean, while the AORI group are more focused on the atmosphere. We were very impressed by the AORI group’s amount, and length, of GCM runs.

We enjoyed a nice dinner Friday evening, and a sushi lunch at campus Saturday. Saturday evening we had a very fruitful discussion on the dynamics on abrupt climate change during the last ice age.  Plans for further meeting and collaborations were made, and we will already meet again at EGU to continue the discussion.  In addition, we planned a few PhD and postdoc visits between Japan and Bergen this coming year.