Partnership between Norway and Japan for excellent Education and Research in Weather and Climate Dynamics (NORPAN)


Three AORI scientists visited BCCR in April

A group of three researchers from AORI, Tokyo University visited the Bjerknes Centre 16th to 19th of April 2018

group dinner
Dinner on Tuesday evening at Marg & Bein after a hectic day at work

The group was led by Prof. Ayako Abe-Ouchi with her post-docs Sam Sheriff-Tadano and Takashi Obase. During the four days’ stay, our Japanese visitors were kept busy giving seminars and discussing ongoing science and potential new collaborations with colleagues at the Bjerknes Centre.

Ayako’s visit was initiated by a Bergen group visit to AORI in January 2018 led by Kerim Nisancioglu, where Mari Jensen, Chuncheng Guo, and Are Olsen joined Japanese colleagues for a two-day workshop on past abrupt climate change. After the workshop, we invited Ayako’s group to visit Bergen following EGU for more in-depth discussions on potential joint projects and collaborations.

Ayako, Sam, and Takashi started their stay in Bergen by exploring the beautiful fjords and Mount Fløyen on an unusually warm and sunny Sunday. This was a welcome break after a hectic week at EGU, and our colleagues were invigorated for a busy four days at the Bjerknes Centre. A two-hour seminar was open to the Bjerknes Centre community on Tuesday, where our colleagues from AORI each gave a presentation relating to simulations of millennial scale climate oscillation in the last glacial cycle using the MIROC climate model. Questions and discussions followed during and after the talks.

Apart from the seminar, Ayako meet with many individual Bjerknes scientists (>10), discussing a variety of themes, from ice sheet to GCM modelling, from proxy reconstruction to dynamics, from decadal scale to millennial scale climate variability, and comparing the model results from MIROC with the same forcing in NorESM.

After a full day on Tuesday, we gathered for a nice dinner in the evening, including Andreas, Jonathan, Mari, and Chuncheng from Bergen.

On Wednesday, Ayako was fully booked for meetings and discussions, and Sam/Takashi were also occupied looking closer into MIROC/NorESM experiments among other things. We shared results and discussed ideas for joint work in the future. We agreed to stay in touch and follow up the discussions with aim of reconvening early in 2019 for a third workshop in Japan.

Three days were not enough. Meetings continued on Thursday morning. In the afternoon, right after joining a yoga class at the centre, Ayako left for Copenhagen for further discussions with Kerim and colleagues at the Niels Bohr Institute.