Partnership between Norway and Japan for excellent Education and Research in Weather and Climate Dynamics (NORPAN)

The NORPAN Closing Workshop and the great success of Norway-Japan collaboration

group photo
The group photo taken inside Prince Hakone Hotel
Noriaki Kimura for NORPAN

This biggest NORPAN event was held on 12-15 February at the beautifully located Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko Hotel nearby Tokyo and was attended by a total of 56 participants, of which 19 came from Norway.

Thomas Spengler, the NORPAN coordinator, opened the workshop with a brief history of NORPAN and what had been achieved throughout the three years of the project, such as the three memorandums of understanding with the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo, the National Institute for Polar Research, and most recently with JAMSTEC. The opening was followed by 17 scientific presentations throughout the remainder of the day. After the intensive first day of presentations and discussions, all participants gathered for a traditional Japanese dinner.

The scientific presentations and discussions continued in the morning of the second day. After lunch, participants had the opportunity to participate in an excursion, going up

Mount Komagatake with a cable car and a boat cruise around Lake Ashinoko. Although the weather wasn’t great, all participants enjoyed some fresh air and the opportunity for more discussions in a more social setting. The day continued with more scientific presentations in the afternoon and concluded with a poster session also featuring the work of several PhD and Master students from Norway and Japan. After dinner, the participants had the opportunity to gather socially spending the evening together with drinks, snacks, and joyful conversations.

On the third day, scientific presentations run from the morning until afternoon, when the participants were divided into three smaller groups, each focusing on different time scale ranging from meso to synoptic scales and seasonal to decadal scales up to centennial to millennial scales. The three groups joined again after the break out to report in the plenary and to discuss the items that were raised in the separate groups.

The last day featured six presentations before the scientific program of the workshop was successfully concluded. The workshop featured a total of 45 oral and 10 poster presentations. The workshop was closed with speeches by Prof. Hisashi Nakamura and Prof. Thomas Spengler, reflecting on what has been achieved in the past three years of intensive collaboration between the Norwegian and Japanese partners. Both expressed their strong wish to continue the collaboration and will actively pursue upcoming opportunities for funding to continue to support the activities initiated by NORPAN.

This workshop was the last of many NORPAN events and marked the conclusion of the project, which will officially end on the 31st of March.


Workshop program available at the bottom of this page.

Link to view the presentations of the meeting  (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3k6g70tei339c6j/AAAlyMYmcBBcwkPGtj7sbKpWa?dl=0)

More photos to share (https://photos.app.goo.gl/8jdbqUCYerWPtkjY8)