Partnership between Norway and Japan for excellent Education and Research in Weather and Climate Dynamics (NORPAN)

The Partnership between Norway and Japan for excellent education and research (NORPAN) is leaded by BCCR/UiB and co-leaded by one main Japanese partner, the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (UTokyo, AORI).  The other three outstanding institutes involved are the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (UTokyo, RCAST), the University of Tsukuba (UT), and the National Institute for Polar Research (NIPR). NORPAN thus entails most of the major institutions in the vicinity of Tokyo that educate PhD students in climate sciences. In total, more than 20 PhD students and around 30 scientist are involved.

Climate change and detailed understanding of the climate system, has led to an increasing demand from society on the climate research community for process understanding, reduced uncertainties, and more reliable data for mitigation and impact studies. To meet this demand, fundamental research on the physics of the various components of the climate system (e.g. atmosphere, ocean, and cryosphere), and their mutual interactions is pivotal. This requires a new generation of researchers that have strong in-depth knowledge in their specific parts of the climate system, but at the same time are equipped with a broader knowledge to comprehend the overall picture in the coupled Earth System. Furthermore, the demand from society to be informed about changing climates can only be met when researchers are able to communicate with experts from other disciplines as well as with a layman person.

The primary objectives of NORPAN are to establish an internationally recognized research-training environment for PhD candidates working in climate sciences that can provide the participants with in-depth knowledge in their specific study field as well as training on interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, NORPAN will strive to internationalize research activities between Norway and Japan and to provide the necessary platform for enhanced exchange and joint training among Norwegian and Japanese graduate students.

Secondary objectives are:
-  Foster international education and research collaboration between Norway and Japan
-  Joint training of next generation scientists with two world leading climate research centers
-  Institutionalize existing collaboration relationship
-  Solidify and extend the existing network among Norwegian and Japanese climate scientists
-  Strive for sustained collaboration partnership between BCCR and AORI