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Results from the VIRTUES study will be presented at a focused symposium at the 2nd Congress for Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair 22-24 May 2017 in Maastricht, the Netherlands
Results from this study indicate that patients with severely impaired upper limb motor function spent more time actively in VR training (VR) than in conventional training (CT).
The last follow up patient has been tested today at Hammel Neurocenter. With the last follow up data collection is concluded and the analyses can start. Therapists report that the follow up examininations 3 months after the intervention were a good experience for most patients.
A new milestone reached: 120 patients have been included
Recruitment has reached a new stage, 82 of the targeted 120 patients have been included.
The second face to face meeting of the VIRTUES research group took place 23. -24. March 2015 in Bergen, Norway
The TAR is a biannual Conference where innovative approaches to technically assisted rehabilitation are presented.
At a meeting of the Norwegian National Organization of Stroke Survivors in Western-Norway on 11th February 2015 Iris Brunner gave a talk about the VIRTUES study and technically assisted rehabilitation
61 of the targeted 120 patients have been recruited now
Thirty of the targeted 120 patients have been recruited at the beginning of the new year.
The VIRTUES trial protocol has been published in BMC Neurology: Virtual reality training for upper extremity in subacute stroke (VIRTUES): study protocol for a randomized controlled multicenter trial.
Recruitment of trial patients at all participating centers now
During the World Congress for Neurorehabilitation in Istanbul a meeting of the VIRTUES (Virtual reality for upper extremity after stroke) project was held at the 12th of April 2014