Multiple Temporalities: epidemic, mobilizations, institutions and bodies

Senior Researcher Sandrine Musso from Aix-Marseille University is one of the international network partners connected to the WAIT- Project, and will for this open seminar present: “Multiple temporalities: epidemic, mobilizations, institutions and bodies. Lessons of a research on postcolonial minorities and aids in France”.

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Sandrine Musso is Director of Department of Anthropology at University of Aix-Marseille and Senior Researcher at the Centre Norbert Elias, EHESS. Her research focuses on the political anthropology of health and AIDS, the phenomena of discrimination, social categorizations in the treatment of the disease, mediation in public health, the sociology of immigration, and commitment and reflexivity in the conduct of research. Her field practice mainly concerns members of stigmatized and presumed "hard-to-reach" groups.