Väntans proportioner: Ett seminarium om konst, forskning och migration

Seminar in the seminar-series "Critical Border Studies" at the University of Uppsala.


The seminar is lead by social anthropologist and member of the WAIT-team, Sharam Khosravi, in collaboration with Paula Urbano og Annika Lindberg.


Supported by CEMFOR this initiative started during the Fall 2017.  Critical Border Studies Initiative is a forum for interdisciplinary studies on borders. We use border studies to scrutinize practices such as debordering, rebordering, securitization and crossing of borders.

The Initiative is a network for academics, artists, and activists who are interested in border studies. Critical Border Studies Initiative aims to push forward collaborative research projects; organize conferences and workshops; create a forum for contacts and collaboration between researchers. Hosted by CEMFOR the Initiative is affiliated with the ENGAGING VULNERABILITY program at Uppsala University and the Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University.