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– I’m Irish so the rain will not bother me!

Conor Douris is a bachelor student from University of Limerick. He has studied psychology and sociology, plays in a band and is interested in music therapy for children.

Irsk utvekslingsstudent
Margareth Barndon

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– I’m from Ireland, so I’m not afraid of a little rain! We are looking out at a rather heavy rain outside this day. – The first days here where just beautiful, and I like Bergen! It’s so fresh, and I felt very relaxed and at ease the moment I set foot here.

Conor is having his lunch with the other exchange students who have come to The Faculty of Psychology in Bergen. They will all stay for one semester. Conor looks more than ready to discover what the Faculty and Bergen can offer.

He explains that many of his student friends back home went on exchange studies to Spain, and other, - warmer countries.

– But I’ve always been very interested in the Scandinavian countries, so I chose something different. I have a very good first impression, and The Faculty of Psychology has a lot of interesting subjects to offer, says Conor Douris.

Conor has studied psychology and sociology in Limerick, and wants to continue these subjects for his bachelor degree.

 – I want to work with children, and the main focus this far has been psychology. I also play in a band back home, so I’m interested in music therapy. I’ve just learned that the Faculty is involved with research on this subject, so that’s just great! This semester Conor will choose Medical Health Psychology and Culture, Positive Development and Health. He is also considering a course in Anthropology, and will of course take the Norwegian language course.

Conor sits with Mats Hole at lunch, and is enjoying his guidance around the buildings at the Faculty. Mats is in his second year studying organizational psychology and he is also in the Board for new students; Fadderstyret, at the Faculty. Conor goes on to say that he feels very well taken care of, and that the welcoming week is great for the new exchange students.

– I’m impressed by the way we are greeted, and also by the whole system at the university for greeting the new students who are starting their studies in Bergen!