Faculty of Psychology


Here you will find information regarding examinations at the Faculty of Psychology.


Ung kvinne som avlegger eksamen på laptop i klasserom

Exam registrations

  • You register for your exams at the StudentWeb.
  • The deadlines for registering for your exams are 1 February (spring semester) and 1 September (autumn semester).
  • It is you own responsibility not to register for exams that are held on the same day.

Examination overview

  • The information regarding exams is available at the StudentWeb. Here you will find your candidate ID for each exam, time and date, and location. View the education plan, available via 'studies' in the menu, and push the 'show details'-button next to the exam registrations.
  • The time and date for your written exams are also published in the examination overview. Choose faculty and check the table.
  • Read carefully the information regarding examinations at the University of Bergen and the instructions to the candidates.
  • Information on the various locations where UiB hold written exams is available here.
  • Most written exams at the Faculty of Psychology are digital. Please make sure that you have the proper equipment and are otherwise prepared for digital examinations.
  • If the course you are attending has an oral exam or semester paper, you will find information about your exam on MittUiB.

Dictionary / Support Material

  • The faculty determines if you are allowed to bring support material to the exam. If any support material is permitted, this is determined in the course description.
  • You may use pre-approved dictionaries at the exam. The dictionary can not be encyclopedic¬†(i.e. contain definitions or facts), and must be approved by the faculty before each examination.
  • Dictionaries for approval must be handed in at the Information Center in Christies gt 12, no later than one week before the day of the exam. If approved, the dictionary will be handed out along with the examination paper on the day of the exam.
  • If you don't have a dictionary suitable for exams, you may borrow one from the faculty, under the condition that there is a dictionary available in your language. A deposit may be required. Please click here for application form. The application must be sent no later than three days before the exam. All our dictionaries translate both ways - for example English-German/German-English.
  • You may NOT bring cellphones, mp3-players, smart wathces or other electronical equipment that are not permitted as support material to the examination desk. We strongly urge you to read carefully the information leaflet 'Cheating and its consequences'.

Academic integrity

  • Please read carefully the instructions regarding use of sources and plagiarism at UiB. The academic way of conduct at The University of Bergen may differ from what you are used to at your home university.
  • The University of Bergen has made a brochure about cheating and adacemic integrity which you can download from these webpages concerning academic integrity.
  • The Faculty of Psychololgy has appointed a Commitee for Academic Integrity which deals with suspicions of plagiarism and cheating.

Exam results and appeals

  • The results of your exams will be published at the Studentweb three weeks after the examination was held.
  • You may ask for an explanation of grade within one week after the grade was announced. If so, please contact the Information Center.
  • If you wish to appeal about a grade, you may do so within three weeks after the grade was announced, or three weeks after you received an explanation of grade.
  • If the grade subject to appeal is part of a Bachelor's/Master's degree, you need to hand in your diploma if you already received a certificate of the qualification in question.
  • The reassessment of examination grade may take six to eight weeks. The result may be the same as, better or poorer than the original grade.

In case of illness

  • At The Faculty of Psychology there is an upper registration limit of three tries for each exam.
  • If you are unable to sit an exam due to illness or other legitimate reasons, you may provide proper documentation of your absence and thus not forfeit one of the three possible tries. The deadline is one week after the exam.
  • For term papers and equivalent examinations, you may apply for a delay of deadline for handing in the paper (before the deadline has passed).
  • Circumstances that are considered legitimate absence are
    • illness (your own or your child's)
    • a death in the immediate family or other close relationship
    • funerals or wakes (relations as described above)
    • decree by public authority demanding you be elsewhere at the time of the exam
    • other circumstances that make it highly unreasonable for you to sit an exam
  • Sick notes or medical certificates from doctors or heath care professionals¬† must state that they are issued regarding an absence from an exam at the UoB, and must specify the date of the exam or deadline for handing in the term paper or equivalent.