Quality in Education

Handbook for Quality Assurance of University Education

The basis for quality in education at the University of Bergen is that education is founded on research – that is, both teachers and supervisors are themselves active researchers.

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High quality in education is dependent upon a learning environment that stresses updated knowledge in all disciplines and the will to achieve quality in teaching. Evaluation and the interpretation of evaluation measures are important preconditions for quality development. At the University of Bergen, quality assurance of research and education is part of the ongoing academic debate conducted through seminars and other forms of critical examination and dialogue.

The Handbook for Quality Assurance of University Education is designed to provide guidelines for practical and systematic quality assurance. The subsidiary areas, processes and measures detailed in this handbook are the cornerstones of the quality assurance system, and the University Board has adopted this handbook in order to provide a basis for the university’s systematic effort by the university to maintain and further develop the quality of education. The handbook was first published in 2004. This is the fourth edition, and is the result of an internal review in 2013 to update the manual.

The University of Bergen’s system for quality assurance of education was approved by the Norwegian Agency for Quality in Education (NOKUT) on 29 March 2007.

Bergen, May 2013

Sigmund Grønmo,