Law, Democracy and Welfare
RDV Seminar with Evelyn Brodkin

Understanding the State at the Street: Street-Level Organizations as Mediators of Welfare State Politics.

Presentation by Evelyn Brodkin (University of Chicago)

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The webinar is part of the RDV seminar series – a collaboration between the Research Group Law, Democracy and Welfare at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Center for Research on Discretion and Paternalism (UiB) and the Center for Law and Social Transformation – Lawtransform (UiB/CMI).
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Evelyn Z. Brodkin is Associate Professor Emerita in the School of Social Service Administration and Associate Faculty in the Department of Political Science. She holds international appointments as Obel Guest Professor at Aalborg University (Denmark), and Guest Scholar at University of Gothenburg (Sweden). Brodkin is one of the leading scholars of street-level organizations (SLOs). Her research has contributed to the theoretical and empirical development of SLOs as a field of study for investigating welfare state politics, the politics of marginalization and inequality, political institutions, public policy and management. Currently, Brodkin leads an international collaboration studying "The State at the Street: From European Welfare Crisis to the Front Lines of the Welfare State".