The Rectorate

Vice-Rector for Global Relations, Annelin Eriksen

Professor Annelin Eriksen is appointed Vice-Rector for Global Relations at the University of Bergen for the period 2017-2021.

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The Vice-Rector for Global Relations is responsible for the university´s work with the sustainable development goals as well as science to policy work. She also manages the University's China Strategy, and she follows up the government's strategy for higher education and research cooperation with Brazil, India, Japan, China, Russia and South Africa (Panorama).

Annelin Eriksen is Professor of social anthropology at the University of Bergen, and was also the Pro-dean for research at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the period 2013-2017.

Her main research interests are the effect of dramatic social and cultural change, the implications of new technologies, and the anthropology of the future. She has worked in Vanuatu, in the South West Pacific, since 1995.  In 2017, she and her husband Knut Mikjel Rio, received the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters Award for their research in social anthropology.

Eriksen will still be Professor of Social Anthropology and continues being actively invovled with her research.