The Rectorate

Vice-Rector for Education Oddrun Samdal

Professor Oddrun Samdal is appointed Vice-Rector for Education at the University of Bergen for the period 2017-2021.

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The Vice-Rector for Education has a particular responsibility for the development of the University’s educational activity, and chairs both the University Education Committee, the programme for digital solutions, DigUiB, and every other year the Learning Environment Committee (LMU). 

Oddrun Samdal holds a higher teaching qualification and is Professor of Health Promotion and Health Psychology. She was previously Head of Department and Vice-Dean for Education at the Faculty of Psychology and was elected vice rector for her first period in 2013.  

In her research, Samdal has worked in the interface between pedagogy and social psychology. She has been particularly interested in the school as an arena through studying pupils’ experiences of their psychosocial environment at school and how this relates to reported health behaviours, state of health and life satisfaction. She also has extensive experience in evaluating the implementation and effect of health promotion in schools. Samdal has recently also researched the implementation of measures to promote physical activity in the arena of leisure. Samdal has published numerous scientific articles and contributions in anthologies and is the editor of the books The implementation of health promoting schools: exploring the theories of what, why and how (2013) and An ecological perspective on health promotion: systems, settings and social processes (2012).

Since 1999, Samdal has been the manager of the data bank of the international study “Health Behaviour in School-aged Children. A WHO Collaborative Cross-national Study” (www.hbsc.org), in addition to being in charge of the Norwegian part of the study. Samdal also leads the programme board for public health in the Research Council of Norway and the National Academic Council for Health Science in Higher Education. She is work package leader for the two EU-funded FP7 projects “Sustainable prevention of obesity through integrated strategies” (www.spotlightproject.eu) and “Promoting adolescent health through an intervention aimed at improving the quality of their participation in physical activity” (www.projectpapa.org).