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When you as a PhD candidate need someone to talk to

The years as a PhD candidate are exciting and professionally developing, but can also be a strenuous time with a lot of work pressure and setbacks. The uncertainty and delayed activity during the corona pandemic can lead to more challenges than you normally experience. In such a situation, many candidates will need someone to talk to.

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If you experience extraordinary challenges in your work situation, it will initially be natural to have a conversation with your supervisor or head of department / unit. The management of your unit should also facilitate peer support. Should you need further assistance, it is natural to contact the occupational health service at your workplace. If you are employed at UiB, you will find information about the occupational health service (bedriftshelsetjeneste) on this page: Do you need someone to talk to? | Employee Pages | University of Bergen (uib.no)

At UiB, you will first be offered a conversation with a nurse or doctor at the occupational health service, and together you can assess whether there is a need for further health care. In that case, the occupational health service can assist in referring further, either in the ordinary health care system or with one of the partners of the occupational health service.

You can also get a referral to a psychologist through your general practitioner (fastlege).

Psychological support for PhD candidates and young reserachers

The occupational health service at UiB offers psychological support for PhD candidates and young scientists who experience health challenges related to work. The main offer consists of lectures on psychological processes and psychological counseling groups. Please see more information here: Psychological guidance for PhD-candidates and young scientists | The HSE-gateway | UiB 

UiB Ferd Career Center For Early Stage Researchers

At times it can be difficult to navigate in possible career paths, both within and outside of academia. The UiB Ferd Career Centre for Early Stage Researchers provides tools, resources, training and career guidance to support your development whether you are forging a career in academic research or beyond. Please find more information on the career center's home page.