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The University of Bergen is a strong, international research university with outstanding research and education in the full breadth of academic subjects. Independent and long-term research is the driving force for all activity at UiB, and is the basis for education, dissemination and innovation. Our researchers participate in international collaborations and in national and international research programs. We have strong ties to universities around the world. The university has an important national and regional role as a manager of knowledge and research infrastructure.

Our research policy

The most important prerequisite for scientific quality at UiB is investment in basic research and stable academic environments across a wide range and with high international quality. Research and education lay the foundation for community, integration, social mobility and equality and trust in society.

University democracy is strong at UiB, with an elected rector, professional autonomy, strong professional communities and an organizational culture where hearings and committee work are important factors in the development of the institution.

All management, from national history and symbols to social statistics and legislation, is critical, research-based and free.

A particularly great effort is made to recruit and retain skilled scientific staff, develop good research management and improve the gender balance. At the same time, the university's priority is to facilitate sufficient research time, good research conditions and resources so that the prerequisites for high academic quality are the best possible.

UiB  focuses on facilitating strong disciplines, on extensive publishing in reputable channels, breakthroughs in national and international research programs that emphasize high academic quality, international collaboration on research and education and doctoral education of high international quality.


UiB has strengthened its ambitions for innovation through the establishment of the research company NORCE and by building knowledge clusters, investing in incubators and student innovation. Read more.

Regional cooperation

UiB is the hub of the Knowledge City Bergen and together with other knowledge institutions, the public sector and the business community, we work to make Bergen visible and develop as an international knowledge and culture region.