Innovation and commercialisation

The University of Bergen's strategy for 2019-2022 points out how UiB,  through innovation and facilitation of  entrepreneurship, can increase cooperation with research institutions, business and industry and the public sector and thus help to develop society locally, nationally and globally.

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In order to develop the UiB profile as a broad-based university with clear ambitions to develop cooperation across traditional subject boundaries, UiB employs a broad understanding of innovation, which is based on the use of existing or new knowledge in new ways to develop new processes (i.e. service innovation, social innovation and organisational innovation) or products. 

This implies that this part of the university's societal mission will be rooted in UiB's research, education and dissemination activities in a broad sense and will embrace all sectors of society. In line with the overall objective of the strategy, the focus of UiB's innovation work will be on societal impacts and contributions to a better functioning and more sustainable society, and thus embrace more than commercialisation and increased value creation through economic growth.

Our new Action plan for innovation and entrepreneurship (Norwegian only) places great emphasis on creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and staff with regard to education, research and dissemination. This includes interaction and experience exchange across UiB and the creation of meeting places, but also expectations that the various disciplines are given the opportunity to develop content and relevance based on their own subjects and traditions. Theaction plan also presents measures to strengthen the position of UiB as an innovative university.

*UiB is working on updating the information about innovation on our webpages, more information will come soon.