Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (NOFIMA)

Nofima is a business oriented research group working in research and development for the aquaculture, fisheries and food industry in Norway.

Nofima was established on 1 January 2008, and has about 470 employees. The group's total turnover in 2008 was about NOK 470 million. The group's main office is located in Tromsø in northern Norway, while the research divisions are located in six places: Bergen, Ås, Stavanger, Sunndalsøra, Averøy and Tromsø.

Nofima shall, in cooperation with business actors and their professional organisations, provide research and solutions at an international level which will give a competitive edge throughout the value chain.

Business areas:

Nofima Marin (Marine)

Nofima Marin works with research, development, innovation and knowledge dissemination for the national and international fisheries and aquaculture industry. Our core areas are breeding and genetics, feeds and nutrition, fish health, efficient and sustainable production, process and product development of seafood and marine bioprospecting.

Nofima Mat (Food)

Nofima Mat works with research and counselling regarding food processing. Nofima Mat works for improved food quality, raw materials processing and nutrition. Our core areas are raw materials quality and process optimisation, safe and long lasting food, consumer and sensory sciences, food and health, industrial gastronomy and innovation.

Nofima Ingrediens (Ingredients)

Nofima Ingrediens works with research, analytical services and pilot production for the ingredients, aquaculture, food and pharmaceutical industries. Our core areas are raw materials competence, by-product recycling, feeds and nutrition and processing of ingredients and feeds.

Nofima Marked (Market)

Nofima Marked is our analytical business area, which provides economic analyses, foresight analyses, consumer research, market analysis and strategic consultancy. We can also offer consultancy in information logistics and traceability.

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