The Inter University Centre Dubrovnik

The Inter University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC), established in 1972, is an independent centre for advanced study, grounded in and sustained by its international network of partner universities.

Inter University Centre
Inter University Centre Dubrovnik

The Inter University Centre (IUC), established in 1972 by a group of scholars, aims to provide an open space for critical academic thinking and scientific innovation. Research groups and lecturers at all member universities can use the attractive facilities of the IUC for their teaching, and seminars/workshops. Building upon its location and its history the IUC Dubrovnik serves as a bridge between regions within Europe and between the European region and the world by connecting scientific communities and connecting communities through science.

The IUC emphasizes and supports inter-disciplinary and cross-national collaboration on global challenges such as human universal values and rights, health, education, poverty and climate, encouraging, in addition to east-west collaboration also new north-south initiatives. Approximately 60 research based courses and 10 shcolarly conferences are organized every year at the IUC.

The IUC provides infrastructure, services and facilities to member universities for organizing courses and seminars (conference hall for 110 participants, 7 classrooms of different sizes, computer rooms, free wi-fi, cafeteria and nearby restaurants). An adjacent dormitory (with individual bathrooms) can be reserved for course participants.  If you want to organize a course/event at the IUC, please see here for more information.


Hans Egil Offerdal (auditor of IUC, and UiB’s liason to the centre)

More details on the IUC website.