Global and development-related research

About UiB Global

Research related to global challenges facing our societies today is one of three priority areas at the University of Bergen. UiB Global is a unit responsible for initiating and coordinating multi- and transdisciplinary research and related activities within this priority area.

UiB Global aims to strengthen synergies across disciplines and build on the University´s long history of academic cooperation with partners in the Global South.

Research related to global challenges takes place at all faculties and most departments, in partnership with institutions worldwide. Several key milieus have extensive experience with relevant multidisciplinary research, e.g.:  Centre for International HealthDepartment of Social AnthropologyDepartment of Health Promotion and DevelopmentDepartment of Comparative Politics  and  Department of Biology.

UiB Global supports all of these entities and their partners, but also houses and runs research programmes and research related activities at its own offices. The unit seeks to strengthen this transdisciplinary hub addressing global and development related challenges. The Bergen Resource Centre for International Development, managed in collaboration with the Chr. Michelsen Institute, is a central activity in reaching out to research milieu and engaging the public.

The academic leadership of UiB Global is supported by a designated administrative staff to best facilitate multidisciplinary synergies and to initiate, coordinate, support, and manage projects across the faculties.

UiB Global's academic coordinator reports directly to Rector.