Global and development-related research


Bergen Education Network

New research network on educational interventions in contexts of conflict and emergencies from a gender perspective.


Girls in classroom

This network evolved from the seminar/workshop: “Mapping girls’ education in conflict and emergencies”, 23-24 June 2015, organised by CMI and UiB.

The seminar mapped and discussed what is known about girls’ education in conflict and emergencies from the perspectives and experiences of key humanitarian actors and prominent academic researchers working in this field in different parts of the world.

The network aims to respond to research opportunities and extend collaborations that relate to the intensified global focus on education as a development issue in general, and to girls’ education in particular, in contexts of conflict and emergencies.

Based on critical analysis of how conflict and emergencies affect girls’ educational access, attendance and attainment, the participants of BEN are committed to support research efforts that aim to improve educational interventions in a gendered sense and to make context-specific proposals for better global policies.

The network is open to affiliates that are committed to expanding expertise on educational interventions in various contexts of conflict and emergencies from a gender perspective, as well as contributing to the filling of the defined gap between theory and practice affecting the knowledge transfer between academics, humanitarian actors and policy-makers.

Core network

Arne Strand, CMI/Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies
Kariane Westrheim, Department of Education, University of Bergen
Kendra Dupuy, CMI
Hilde Jakobsen, researcher/gender expert, UNWOMEN: hildejakobsen@gmail.com
Thera Mjaaland, independent researcher, UiB Global, University of Bergen: Thera.Mjaaland@uib.no | theramjaaland@yahoo.com

Affiliated academic researchers

Annika Rabo, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Stockholm: Annika.rabo@socant.su.se
Jenny Parkes, Institute of Education, University College of London: j.parkes@ioe.ac.uk
Aisha Fofana Ibrahim, Senior Lecturer and Director of Institute for Gender Research and Documentation, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone: mamaisha@gmail.com
Reidun Faye, Centre for Educational Research, Bergen University College: Reidun.Helen.Faye@hib.no

Affiliated humanitarian actors

Emily Echessa, Save the Children, UK: e.echessa@savethechildren.org.uk
Jennifer Roe, Refugee Education Trust, Geneva: roe@theret.org
Silje Sjøvaag Skeie, Norwegian Refugee Council/INEE Gender Task Team: silje.skeie@nrc.no
Nicolas Herbecq, Education Manager various NGOs, currently in CAR for Norwegian Refugee Council: Nicolas.herbecq@ncr.no