Global and development-related research

Research groups

Research groups at UiB Global

UiB Global encourages and supports cross-disciplinary research groups dealing with some of the greatest challenges facing our societies today. Feel free to contact existing groups or suggest the formation of new ones.

Cultural and Religious Transformation
CART hails researchers from the humanities and social sciences with interest in how religion and culture may promote, facilitate, conserve and hinder change.

Global Sustainable Development
The Global Sustainable Development Group (GSDG) focuses on the 17 goals adopted by the UN in 2015 as global goals for development, not only goals for developing countries as the previous MDGs. 

Political Economy of Globalisation
The PEG-group addresses a range of issues related to global systems of capitalism and tax havens; religion and cultural diversity; knowledge, democracy and international governance; social and political theory; imperialism and colonialism.

Privatization of the Common Good