Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group

Gongga Mountain

Internship at Gongga Mountain, Chengdu

An enclosure with four open-topped chamber on Gongga Mountain, China
Experimental plot on Mount Gongga with open-topped chambers to provide a warmer microcosm
Aud Halbritter

In the Gongga Mountains we use observational and experimental approaches across broad-scale climate gradients to explore how climate and climate change affect the role of seed recruitment across four levels of organisation from direct physiological effects via demographic responses to population and community dynamics.

THREE-D investigates the effect of three global-change drivers on alpine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. We simulate warmer climate (by transplanting), nitrogen deposition, and different levels of grazing and assess their single and combined effects on plant species composition and carbon cycling along a productivity gradient. 2019 is the first year of the THREE-D project and we will begin by setting up the experiment and measure climate data, vegetation composition, and decomposition as well as taking soil samples.


You need to be a bachelor or master student in biology or a related subject. Students at the University of Bergen, The University Center in Svalbard, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of Arizona, University of British Columbia, Institute for Mountain Hazards and Environment in Chengdu and University of Minnesota will be prioritised in the selection process.

The TraitTrain internship application deadline was 31st March 2019

To apply, please send a cover letter along with your CV and the names and contact information for two professional and/or academic referees

Vigdis.Vandvik@uib.no and aud.halbritter@uib.no

All the travel costs and living expenses will be covered by the TraitTrain project.