Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group

Fennoscandian dataset of red-listed forest species

This dataset (.ods; see below) is a compilation of the three national Red Lists from Norway (2015), Sweden (2015) and Finland (2010 and 2015), and all the associated documentation. The dataset includes all species red-listed in one or more country listed with forest as their primary or secondary habitat (4830 species and 42 sub-species). Please note that the information is not complete for subspecies. 

All information comes from the three national Red List assessments. Explanations are included as «comments» in the top row. The dataset shows Finland, Norway and Sweden (see top row) separately and for Fennoscandia as a whole (far right columns).
Please contact Lise Tingstad, lise.tingstad@uib.no, if you have any questions regarding the dataset.