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New moth species named after Perpetra Akite

A new moth species has been named after former EECRG PhD student Perpetra Akite.

A brown fluffy-edged moth
Megaherpystis akiteae sp. nov.
Leif Aarvik

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Leif Aarvik named a new species of moth Megaherpystis akiteae in honour of Dr Perpetra Akite after reviewing the genus following the 2014 Afrotropical Lepidoptera Workshop held in Kibale National Park, Uganda and organised by Perpetra. The moth can be found in Uganda.

Aarvik, L. (2020) Review of Megaherpystis Diakonoff, 1969 (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) with description of 23 new species. Norwegian Journal of Entomology 67: 151-188.