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Quantitative estimates of past UV-B irradiance from fossil pollen

Flow chart showing the planned work packages for the QUEST-UV project
Overview of QUEST-UV. WP1 uses controlled greenhouse experiments to measure the response of Pinus sylvestris to UV-B wavelengths. WP2 extends field validation studies in the modern environment to validate the quantitative dose-response relationship estimated under controlled conditions. We will also develop new workflows for extraction and analysis of bound and unbound modern components (WP3) and quantify the abundance of polyphenolic compounds using a combined py-GC-MS/ vibrational spectroscopy approach in field and fossil settings (WP4-6). Process-based radiation models will be used to simulate past changes in polyphenolic compounds in fossil pollen, which are then validated against sediment data (WP7).
Alistair Seddon

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QUEST-UV is a four-year project funded by the Research Council of Norway beginning in Autumn 2021. The project webpage is hosted on the PalaeoChem site and can be accessed here (https://palaeochem.w.uib.no/quest-uv/)