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A selection of MSc and PhD theses from members of the EECRG

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Inge Althuizen (2018) The importance of vegetation functional composition in mediating climate change impacts on ecosystem carbon dynamics in alpine grasslands. URL

Lucas Jeno (2018) The antecedents and consequences of students´ autonomous motivation. The relation between need-support, motivation, and academic achievement. URL

Lise Tingstad (2018) National Red Lists in Fennoscandian conservation: how spatio-temporal dynamics of red-listed species and geographical scale matter for site selection and conservation priorities. URL

Mari Jokerud (2017) Plastic response in Pinus spp., determining the temporal window of response and species-level variation of UV-B absorbing compounds to short-term variation in UV-B radiation. URL

Tessa Bargmann (2015) Life after fire: the impact of fire on species composition and diversity in coastal heathlands. URL

Joachim Töpper (2015) Predicting and assessing climate-change impacts on the population dynamics of alpine and lowland forbs. URL

Krishna Shrestha (2013) Treeline and vegetation dynamics in response to environmental changes in Nepal, the central Himalaya. URL

Linn Krüger (2012) Weichselian vegetation and palaeoenvironment in western Norway and northern Russia. Evidence from pollen analytical investigations. URL

Eric Meineri (2012) Assessing and comparing climatic control on distribution and reproduction of alpine and lowland species in the subalpine habitat of western Norway. URL

Jutta Kapfer (2011) Last-century vegetational changes in northern Europe. Characterisation, causes, and consequences. URL

Chitra Baniya (2010) Species richness patterns in space and time in the Himalayan area. URL

Inger Måren (2009) Effects of management on heathland vegetation in western Norway. URL

Howaide Abd El Rahman (2007) Ecotypes or genotypes? The status of the currently recognized infraspecific taxa of Acacia tortilis (Forssk.) : Hayne growing in the Red Sea Hills, Sudan and Egypt. URL



Elisabeth Nesheim-Hauge (2018) Variation in leaf functional traits through the early development of coastal heathland plants. URL

Silje Östman (2018) Plant-pollinator interactions in the alpine: Landscape heterogeneity acts as a potential buffer against climate-change induced mismatch in the pollinator-generalist Ranunculus acris. URL

Joris Schwitters (2018) A climate for seed predation: Precipitation affects seed removal by the major groups of granivores differently across boreal, sub-alpine and alpine grasslands. URL

Jesslyn Tjendra (2018) Shifts in soil prokaryotic communities of boreal and alpine semi-natural grasslands along temperature and precipitation gradients: An investigation into the effects of graminoid removal. URL

Prakash Bhattarai (2017) Species composition and richness along microtopographical gradient, Hardangervidda National Park, Southern Norway. URL

Åsne Brede (2017) Phenology and spatial dynamics of Cacopsylla melanoneura (Homoptera:Psyllidae) in western Norway, an insect vector for apple proliferation. URL

Ragnhild Gya (2017) The role of intraspecific variability in driving community trait shifts along temperature and precipitation gradients in alpine and boreal semi-natural grasslands. URL

Tom Walvik (2017) Norwegian biology, medicine and psychology undergraduate students´ acceptance of modern evolutionary theory using the I-SEA survey instrument. URL

Andres Grødem (2016) Sexual size dimorphism of bark and ambrosia beetles. URL

Siri Haugum (2016) The effect of grazing and hiking on the elevational range shift of vascular plant species in the Scandes during recent decades. URL

Åshild Idsø (2016) The effect of climate variation and food availability on breeding success in Atlantic puffins at Hjelmsøya, Northern Norway. URL

Jeanette Tennebekk (2016) En tverrfaglig tilnærming til ulike perspektiver på verdier og verdisetting av to kulturlandskaper på Osterøy. URL

Mari Thoen (2016) Effekt og omfang av 9.7- og 8.2- kuldeeventene ved Store Finnsjøen på Dovrefjell. URL

Sylvelin Tellnes (2015) Habitatkrav og diversitet hos vedlevende biller på dødved av lind (Tilia cordata) i Norge. URL

Mussie Tesfayesus (2015) Mangrove forest extent and status along the Eritrean Red Sea coast. URL

Sindre Fonkalsrud (2014) Interaction patterns and specialization in a local and national Norwegian pollination network. URL

Maria Lima (2014) Effects of fertilizers on the species composition of bryophytes in grazed pastures in Rogaland, Norway. URL

Ynghild Storhaug (2014) Pollination as an ecosystem service in Lofthus, Norway: A study on the distribution of wild and managed pollinators on apple crops and how they are affected by the surrounding landscape. URL

Stine Stueland (2014) The Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) in Norway: Exploring the population decline through bird ringing data and habitat selection. URL

Anette Gundersen (2013) Temporal trends in shade sensitive epiphytic cryptogams residing on old trees. URL

Mari Jokerud (2013) Impact of nitrogen deposition on species richness and species composition of ombrotrophic mires in western Norway. URL

Marta Ramirez Boixaderas (2012) Plant dispersal in a changing climate. A seed-rain study along climate gradients in southern Norway. URL

Gunnar Kvifte (2011) Biodiversity studies in Afrotropical moth flies (Diptera: Psychodidae). URL

Siri Skogland (2011) Vegetasjonsendringer i myr og lynghei på Runde i perioden 1928 til 2010. URL

Trine Årstøl (2011) Moldtaking; ein tradisjonell bruksmetode med eit nytt liv? URL

Astrid Berge (2010) Seedbank, seedrain and seedling recruitment along climate gradients in southern Norway. URL

Kari Fadnes (2010) Climate History of the Arctic: temperature reconstruction of an arctic lake on Spitsbergen based on chironomid. URL

Kristoffer Hauge (2010) Bat (Chiroptera) activity and community composition in contrasting agricultural landscapes and the adjacent Budongo forest reserve, Uganda. URL

Christine Pötsch (2010) Resource allocation in two selected Carex species along climate gradients. URL

Øystein Langaker (2009) Re-sampling in beach- and sand dune communities at South West Karmøy - 2008. Some comparisons and interpretations. URL

Kathrin Bockmühl (2008) Comparing species-temperature relationships of arctic-alpine plants among three altitudinal transects in Svalbard. URL