Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group

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The Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group organises a Palaeo Journal Club which is a good way of staying updated on the latest research. The meetings give us experience in reading scientific literature and understanding and applying complex scientific terms and ideas. It's not all about shredding papers to pieces - there is a machine that does that - but can help in recognising good practice for when writing your own papers. Both students and researchers are welcome to join the Journal Club!

The Palaeo Club meets once a month on a Wednesday between 12:30 and 14:00 and discuss papers mainly related to palaeoecology and climate change. The meetings are aimed at anyone interested in palaeoecology, climate change and related topics. Two papers are usually discussed at each meeting, which two people have prepared in advance. A decision is also made on which two articles will be discussed at the next meeting. Some of the articles discussed may be written up as popular science for dissemination to a wider audience. The Palaeo Club is orgainsed by Hilary Birks (hilary.birks@uib.no).