Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group

EECRG at Geilo

In mid December, many members of the EECRG went to Geilo for a two-day seminar to consider future projects.

The seminar began with researchers presenting a brief overview of their current work interests, followed by an outline of forthcoming funding streams. We then split up into five groups to discuss potential projects and each group gave a summary of their proposed research project. From the ideas expounded, two larger groups were formed to consider at greater depth a plausible project that would be able to involve the expertise found in  EECRG.

The seminar provided a framework for some future research projects that will hopefully be transformed into proposals to be submitted to Miljø 2021 and NorKllima.

Some members also found time for skiing, swimming, taking a sauna, socialising, or even doing all four! We all ate well at the hotel, even the vegans, with portions more geared towards active skiers than seminar participants that were sat down for most of the day. Many thanks to Mari for doing the logistic organising.