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Photographs of British and Irish mosses & liverworts

Whilst he was an undergraduate (1963-1966) and a PhD student (1966-1969), John Birks spent much of his time photographing mosses and liverworts, finding about 80% of the 1200 species that grow in Britain and Ireland.

In recent years, John's library of bryophyte pictures has been used to provide images for two important books on bryophytes, namely Ron Porley and Nick Hodgetts (2005) Mosses and Liverworts (Collins New Naturalist) where over 150 of John's pictures are used and the newly published (2010) Mossess and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland: a field guide edited by Ian Atherton, Sam Bosanquet, and Mark Lawley where over 400 of John's pictures are used. Details of the field guide can be found here.

A few examples of John's photos can be found in the pdf linked to below. For details of John's library of plant images, please email John.Birks@bio.uib.no