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Prizes for Hilary's alpine plant photos

Prize-winning photographs by Hilary Birks

Hilary Birks won two prizes in the international Alpine Garden Society Photographic Competition in 2008 and one in 2009.

Hilary Birks

Her pictures are

2009 - 1st prize in 'Alpine plant in a natural habitat'
Delphinium glaciale (shown below) from Shukula La, Tibet, 5100 m.

2008 - 2nd prize in 'Portrait of an alpine plant in the wild'
Paraguiliegia caespitosa from the Tien Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan

2008 - 3rd prize in 'Close-up detail of an alpine plant in the wild or cultivation'
Allium caeruleum (shown above) from Hilary's garden in Loddefjord


For details of Hilary's expanding library of plant images, please email Hilary.Birks@bio.uib.no