Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group
Norsk Økologisk Forening

EECRG at Norwegian Ecological Society conference

The EECRG was well represented at the first conference of the newly founded Norwegian Ecological Society (NES) held in Trondheim 13-15 March 2013, with three lectures, one poster prize, and one chairperson of the panel debate.

Congratulations to Amy Eycott for winning the best poster prize with her (and five contributors) on The Matrix: Influence of disturbance and fragmentation on species richness in Ugandan forests. John-Arvid Grytnes (with ten contributors) lectured on Is there more than climate warming causing the upward movements of high-alpine plants in Europe? For the answer, watch this space as the manuscript is about to be submitted! Inger Måren gave a talk on Man and forest: the Himalayan hill-farming system. John Birks gave a keynote presentation on Global mountain biodiversity and ecosystem services in space and time, although the time element was reduced because of insufficient time! Vigdis Vandvik chaired the panel debate on How can ecological science contribute to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and ecosystem services. The five panel members included John Birks.

The theme of the conference was Biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing environment: challenges for science and conservation. About 125 young and not so young ecologists were present and this first meeting was a great success. The next meeting of the NES (NØF) will be in Bergen in 2015 organised by Vigdis Vandvik.

Many thanks to Bente Graae, Gunnar Austrheim, and Erland Nilsen and their efficient team of helpers for a really excellent first meeting of NES. It was a wonderful few day of good science, active socialising, and much discussion.