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Tage Nilsson Memorial Lectures

The Tage Nilsson Memorial Lectures in the Department of Geology, Quaternary Sciences, University of Lund were given by Hilary and John Birks on March 7 and 8.

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They each gave two lectures. Hilary talked on 'Ecological responses to late-glacial climate changes in northern and western Norway' and 'New from Kråkenes: dating and flickering' while John talked about 'Biodiversity patterns in space and time - perspectives from Real-time, Quaternary-time, and Deep-time' and 'Quantitative environmental reconstructions in palaeoecology - progress, current status, and future needs'.

Tage Nilsson (1905-1986) founded Quaternary Science in the University of Lund and there have been close links beetween Bergen and Lund ever since. John and Hilary first visited Lund in 1969, and John worked in Lund on various projects between 1985 and 1985. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Lund in 1998. It was a pleasure to return to Lund and to present four lectures in honour of Tage Nilsson.