Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group


Five members of the EECRG attended the 56th Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science in Tartu, Estonia.

There were presentations by

    John-Arvid Grytnes: Elevational shifts in plant communities is more pronounced at high elevations;
    Vivian Felde: Diversity relationships between vegetation and modern pollen samples in the Setesdal valley of south-central Norway; and
    Sandra Nogué
    : The role of long-term environmental records in the biodiversity conservation of the Canary Islands.
    Pascale Michel presented a poster on the interactive effects of climate and disturbance on seedling performance in alpine grassland ecosystems of Western Norway, and
    Ole Reidar Vetaas chaired the panel on global warming as well as giving a presentation on analyses of autocorrelation in species ordination space.