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Aesthetic imaginaries

The Research Group originates in the Department of Foreign Languages, but has members from various locations near and far. Central to the concept of aesthetic imaginaries is precisely inter-disciplinarity, and the views and approaches from disciplines other than our own are always welcome.

"Aesthetic imaginaries", Ranjan Ghosh writes, "are entangled figurations bearing out the promise of 'shared realities' and what Toni Morrison calls 'shareable imaginative worlds'" (2015, 134). Taking this description as one starting point, the research group "Aesthetic Imaginaries" gathers scholars from a wide range of fields – including literature, film, cultural studies, anthropology, creative writing, curating – to think and write about how and what, and when, aesthetic imaginaries mean as they work alongside, against, and with the realities from which they invariably transpire. If the social imaginary can be understood as "an enabling but not fully explicable symbolic matrix within which a people imagine and act as world-making collective agents (Gaonkar 2002), the aesthetic imaginary raises questions about the figures and forms such enabling and imagining give life to.

Book cover Aesthetic Apprehensions

New Book Publication: Aesthetic Apprehensions (2021)

Aesthetic Apprehensions: Silence and Absence in False Familiarities (2021) by Lene Johannessen and Jena Habegger-Conti (editors).