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History of the Analysis and PDE group

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The group of Analysis was established at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Bergen more than 30 years ago with the hiring of Professor A. Stray. In 2012 the group of Analysis consisted of 3 Professors: A.Stray, A.Vasiliev (the leader of the group), and I.Markina. It included 4 Ph.D. students, 1 postdoc, and associate member E.Grong, who defended his PhD in 2011 as a member of the group and was working as an Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Bergen. When in 2014 Prof. A.Stray retired, Prof. S.Selberg replaced him. At the same time, Prof. H.Kalisch joined the group and the group extended its name to the group of Analysis and PDE because two new members were specialists in Partial Differential Equations with the main focus on applying the methods of mathematical and functional analysis to study PDE’s. The position of A.Vasiliev (who passed away in 2016) was occupied in 2018 by D.Pilod, a researcher who got a 6-years fellowship from Trohn Mohn Foundation, Norway. At the same time E.Grong and A. Schmeding were hired for a two-years Associate Professor positions.  In 2020 E.Grong joined the group as a researcher with a 4-years fellowship from Trohn Mohn Foundation and A. Schmeding left the group being hired for the permanent position at Nord University in Norway. E.Grong extended wide interests of the research group by new components, such as Stochastic Differential Geometry. In 2021 Prof. H. Munthe-Kaas, whose main research area belongs to Geometric Integration, joined the group of Analysis and PDE, considering it as a closed research group to his scientific interests. 

Nowadays the leader of the group is Prof. I.Markina and the group counts of 4 professors including H.Munthe-Kaas, S.Selberg, and H.Kalisch, the latter one being an active member of the group of “Fluid Mechanics” at the Department of Mathematics and who will be evaluated at that group. The group includes 1 Associate Professor D.Pilod, 1 TMS researcher E.Grong, 3 Postdoc and 5 Ph.D. students.

The group is active in various research directions of Analysis on Manifolds, Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, and Numerical Analysis. The group has around 200 publications of which are 5% joint papers between the members of the group. The group is active in organizing conferences, workshops, and networking at national and international level. 

The main common platform for working is the weekly Analysis and PDE seminar, where we exchange our results, train the PhD students and postdocs, as well hosting presentations for the research visitors. The group maintains the webpage https://www.uib.no/en/rg/analysis where the interested persons can find the necessary information and the links to the personal webpages.

As a research group belonging to a University of Bergen financed by the Norwegian government, the group have a big teaching load, that includes teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The members of the group teach both massive (up to 500 students) service courses for the faculty of Natural Science, as well as more specialized courses for bachelor and master students in mathematics. To improve the pedagogical portfolio, various members of the group attend the pedagogical courses for the university professors.

The members of the groups fulfill several administrative duties. For instance, S.Selberg was a chair of the Department of Mathematics in the period 2014-2020, members of the group were representatives at the Department board, they were leaders of the divisions of “pure mathematics” and “applied mathematics”, or served as the safety delegates at the Department.

The last but not least activities is the editorial work: members of the group and managing editors in journals “Analysis and Mathematical Physics” and ”Foundation of Computational Mathematics”. The members of the groups were editing special volumes in “Lecture Notes in Mathematics” and “Abel Simposia” in Springer.