Analysis and PDE

Defended Theses

Since 2018 several students of the Analysis group have defended Bachelor, MSc, and PhD theses:

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  1. Anastasia Frolova, Analytical, combinatorial and topological properties of quadratic differentials and their applications (PhD thesis, October 2017)  Link
  2. Alexey Tochin, General Slit Stochastic Loewner Evolution and Conformal Field Theory (PhD thesis, January 2016)  Link
  3. Christian Autenried, Pseudo H-type algebras and sub-Riemannian cut locus (PhD thesis, Februar 2015)  Link
  4. Georgy Ivanov, Classical and Stochastic Slit Loewner Evolution (PhD thesis, October 2014)  Link
  5. Erlend Grong, Nonholonomic geometry on finite and infinite dimensional Lie groups and rolling manifolds (PhD thesis, March 2012)  Link
  6. Mauricio Antonio Godoy Molina, Sub-Riemannian Geometry of Spheres and Rolling of Manifolds (PhD thesis, April 2011) Link
  7. Anna Korolko, Sub-semi-Riemannian Geometry on Heisenberg-type Groups (PhD thesis, March 2011) Link


  1. Stine Marie Eik, Geometric and Spectral Properties of Hypoelliptic Operators (Master's thesis, June 2017) Link
  2. Kim-Erling Bolstatd-Larssen, Quadratic forms and its relations to the Hurwitz problem, the Radon-Hurwitz function, Clifford algebras and Lie algebras (Master's thesis, June 2017) 
  3. Francesca Azzolini, Automorphism groups of pseudo H-type Lie algebras (Master's thesis, June 2017) Link
  4. Bhagyashri Nilesh Ingale, On extremal function in one class of functions with finite distortion (Master's thesis, June 2017) Link
  5. Anastasia Frolova, Critical measures and parameter space of Jenkins-Strebel quadratic differentials (Master's thesis, May 2012) Link
  6. Elena Belyaeva, Modulus method and its application to the theory of univalent functions  (Master's thesis, July 2011) Link
  7. Ksenia Lavrichenko, The flow of quasiconformal mappings on S3 with contact structure and a family of surfaces on the Heisenberg group (Master's thesis, July 2011) Link
  8. Christian Autenried, The Grassmannian of an infinite dimensional separable Hilbert space (Master's thesis, March 2011. Written under ERASMUS exchange program, defended at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich) Link
  9. Qifan Li, Some Regularity Results for Certain Weakly Quasiregular Mappings on the Heisenberg Group and Elliptic Equations (Master's thesis, February 2011) Link
  10. Georgy Ivanov, Non-slit solutions to the Loewner equation (Master's thesis, April 2010) Link
  11. Henning Abbedissen Alsaker, Multipliers of the Dirichlet space (Master's thesis, November 2009) Link
  12. Erlend Grong, Matching univalent functions and related problems of conformal mappings (Master's thesis, February 2008) Link


  1. Sven Ivan Idland Bokn, Rolling maps: kinematic and geometric features, (Bachelor's thesis, January 2018)

  2. Jonatan Stava, Hausdorf measure versus capacity, (Bachelor's thesis, June 2018) 

  3. Anja Eidsheim, Hausdorff outer measure: theory and application, (Bachelor's thesis, May 2015)

  4. Stine Marie Eik, Rademacher theorem and fundamental theorem of calculus, (Bachelor's thesis, May 2015)

  5. Joakim Alme Nordstrand, Hausdorff Measure, (Bachelor's thesis, May 2013)

  6. David T. Lewis, The development of numbers and tests for convergence of positive and alternating series,  (Bachelor's thesis, May 2013)

  7. Paul Antony Frontéry, The Geometry behind the Special Relativity Theory, (Bachelor's thesis, May 2012) 

  8. Solveig G Lunde, Exploration of real numbers, (Bachelor's thesis, May 2011)