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  • Mauricio Godoy Molina, Irina MarkinaSub-Riemannian geodesics and heat operator on odd dimensional spheres. Link to full text
  • Mauricio Godoy Molina, Erlend Grong, Irina Markina, Fátima Silva Leite: An intrinsic formulation of the rolling manifolds problem. Link to full text
  • Manuel D. Contreras, Santiago Diaz-Madrigal, Pavel Gumenyuk: Loewner Theory in annulus I: evolution families and differential equations. Link to full text
  • Godoy Molina, Mauricio; Markina, Irina: Sub-Riemannian geometry of parallelizable spheres. arXiv:0901.1406v1 [math.DG], 19 pp. Link to full text
  • Korolko, Anna; Markina, Irina: Semi-Riemannian geometry with non-holonomic constraints. Preprint. Link to full text
  • Markina, Irina; Vasil'ev, Alexander: Conformal field theory and Loewner-Kufarev evolution. Preprint. Link to full text