The Laboratory Animal Facility

Animal welafare and good science - hand in hand

The Laboratory Animal Facility is a core facility at the Department of Clinical Medicine, the Faculty of Medicine, UiB and a resource for activities that involve esearch in animals.

We contribute to better research and education at the University of Bergen, based on high ethical standards and humane treatment of animals.

Our services contribute to reproducible and reliable research data based on good scientific methods.

We are proud to announce that we are accredited by AAALAC

Animal Reserach at UiB - Step by step

The Laboratory Animal Facility is accreditated by AAALAC International

Contact                             The veterinarians

Vivarium                                                  Phone 55 97 37 82 or -77, e-mail: vetpost@viv.uib.no

Phone: 55 97 37 88                                 -Prescriptions
SMS: 465 42 865                                    -Check of animals
Fax: 55 97 37 97                                     -Health monitoring
Building/Equipment: 55 97 37 91              -Import/export of animals
e-mail: post@viv.uib.no

BBB: Phone: 55 58 63 15, e-mail: dyrestallen@pki.uib.no