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Course in Animal Research (CAREIN)

CAREiN - Course in Animal Research (pig, rodent and model fish)

CAREiN is an online course that covers the theoretical training requirements for functions A, B, and D in the EU framework related to the use of rodents, pigs, and model fish in research. You can apply for admission to CAREIN if you are a master’s student or a Ph.D. candidate at a university or an approved educational institution in Norway. Are you employed by private companies and other research institutions or laboratories? Then you can apply to participate as an external participant, subject to a tuition fee.

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CAREIN is a collaboration between the universities in Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø, and Bergen. The subject is administered from the University of Bergen.
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How do I get admission? 

It depends. There are two ways to apply for admission to the theoretical part of CAREIN. Choose the option that suits you.

  1. If you are a master’s student or Ph.D. candidate from an institution in Norway, you apply for admission via Søknadsweb: Pålogging - Søknadsweb (fsweb.no)
  2. External applicants must apply for admission to the course as continuing education, via EvuWeb.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, as well as being a student in a relevant master’s or doctoral program.

Or for external applicants:

  • Relevant bachelor’s degree and documented need from the employer/supervisor. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree from abroad/outside Norway must upload transcripts with all attachments.

Remember documentation, avoid rejection

You must attach documentation that shows you meet the admission requirements, when you aplay. Examples of this can include a copy of the admission letter to a master’s or doctoral program, a statement from a supervisor, employer, or similar.

NB! Applications without documentation will be rejected

Application Deadline

  • For CAREiN in the autumn: 1 June - answers are published around the week of the 26th - Søknadsweb is now open to register applications.
  • For CAREiN in the spring: 1 December - answers are published around week 51

Søknadsweb opens approximately 6 weeks before the application deadline. This page will updated with information about deadlines, and applicants are expected to keep up-to-date with relevant information from this page.

About the course

The aim of the course is to ensure the ethical and humane use of animals in research, and the design of animal studies that ensure the collection of informative, objective and reproducible data from conducted animal experiments.

The course covers the species groups of rodents, swine and model fish (i.e zebrafish, medaka) when utilized as model organisms in biomedical research. The course does not cover other species than those stated. Adequate training, relevant for the species in question, is required by law for personell who are planning and/or performing animal experiments in Norway. The course meets the theoretical requirements for training in functions A, B and D in accordance with the EU-framework for education and training

Please note that in order to perform procedures on animals (functions A and D), one must also complete practical training accordingly. Modules covering practical training is not part of the theroetical CAREIN at UiB, but is offered as separate courses by the different universities. 

Below you find links to training offered at institutions in the CAREIN network: 

Course activities

The course is offered each semester. The teaching is web-based, and makes use of the online learning platform MittUiB (Canvas) for this purpose. Methods of teaching are a combination of pre-recorded videos/lectures and real-time digital teaching. English is the language of instruction. You will do not have to travel to Bergen. 

The form of assessment is a home exam. Please refer to the course description for more information, including mandatory teaching activities.: Course in Animal Research in Norway, Laboratory animals, theoretical, Function A,B, and D | University of Bergen (uib.no)


Course Week AutumnSpring
1IntroductionWeek 34Week 2
2Self studiesWeek 35Week 3
3Self studiesWeek 36Week 4
4Groupwork 1 Week 37Week 5
5Lectures Week 38Week 6
6Groupwork 2Week 39Week 7
MCQ test
Home Exam is published
9Deadline for exam Week 42Week 10
11Assessment meeting Week 44Week 12
12Assessment deadline (3 weeks after exam deadline)  Week 45Week 13