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Course in Animal Research (CAREIN)

CAREiN - Course in Animal Research (pig, rodent and model fish)

The University of Bergen is offering av web-based course in animal research (CAREIN), which is co-created and taught in collaboration with the University of Oslo, The University of Tromsø and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The course amounts to 8 ECTS credits, and meets the requirements for theoretical training stated in the European Union Comission’s «Education and training framework», functions A, B and D.

A. Brønstad

Main content

The course is open for MA students and PhD candidates at UiB and other institustions that need training in the use of research animals (rodents, pigs and model fish) in connection to their studies or research.


Are you employed by private companies and other research institutions or laboratories? Then you can also take the course, for a tuition fee. For more inforamtion, please contact UiB videre at videre@uib.no or +47 55 58 20 40

The course will also be offered as a part of Continuing Education for persons connected to the private sector under different terms.

About the course

The main purpose of the course is to ensure ethical and humane handling of experimental animals, training in experimental design of experiments involving animals, and collection of informative, objective and reproducible research data from conducted animal studies.

The course covers the species groups of rodents, swine and model fish (i.e zebrafish, medaka) when utilized as model organisms in biomedical research. The course does not cover other species than those stated. Adequate training, relevant for the species in question, is required by law for personell who are planning and/or performing animal experiments in Norway. The course meets the theoretical requirements for training in functions A, B and D in accordance with the EU-framework for education and training

Please note that in order to perform procedures on animals (functions A and D), one must also complete practical training accordingly. Modules covering practical training is not part of the theroetical CAREIN at UiB, but is offered as separate courses by the universities. You can read more about this under Practical training in procedures, fuher down on this page. 

PhD applicants may be registered for the PhD course, with exam. 

Course activities

The course is offered each semester. The teaching is web-based, and makes use of the online learning platform MittUiB (Canvas) for this purpose. Methods of teaching are a combination of pre-recorded videos/lectures and real-time digital teaching. English is the language of instruction.

Home exam is the form of assessment. Please refer to the course description for more information regarding mandatory teaching activities. 

Overview of the course is shown here: 

Course Week AutumnSpring
1IntroductionWeek 34Week 2
2Self studiesWeek 35Week 3
3Self studiesWeek 36Week 4
4Groupwork 1 Week 37Week 5
5Lectures Week 38Week 6
6Groupwork 2Week 39Week 7
MCQ test
Home Exam is published
9Deadline for exam Week 42Week 10
11Assessment meeting Week 44Week 12
12Assessment deadline (3 weeks after exam deadline)  Week 45Week 13


The course is available for master students and Ph.d.-candidates at UiB and other Norwegian universities who require animal research training as part of their education and/or research. 

Students and Ph.d.-candidates at all Norwegain Insitutions of Higher Learning apply for admission via Søknadsweb.

The admisson requirements is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant academic field, and admission to a relevant master/Ph.d.-programme.

In addition, the course is offered as a for-payment CPD course to applicants from private research institutions and laboratories. For application se EVUWeb.

Admission - Timeline 

Application deadlines:

  • Spring Course: 1.12 - answer to application given in week 51 (approx.)
  • Autumn Course: 1.6 - answer to application given in week 26 (approx.)

SøknadsWeb opens 6 weeks before application deadline. 

This page is updated with information, and it is expected that applicants are updating themselves with relevant information. 


  • Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree issued by a Norwegian institution does not need to document this, as UiB is able to gather this information electronically
  • Applicants from other institutions than UiB must upload documentation regarding which master/Ph.d.-programme they are currently admitted to (i.e letter of admission or a signed statement)
  • Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from other countries must upload a copy of their diploma with diploma supplement and transcript of records

All documentation must be uploaded at the time of application. Lack of documentation will result in dismissal of application. 

Practical training in procedures

Persons who are going to perform procedures in animals must be trained in and master the procedudures in the relevant species for their study.

Practical training must also be docmented.

The practical training is not a part of CAREIN - and persons must be trained in their home institution.

Below you find links to training offered at institutions in the CAREIN network