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Here you will find much useful information. Please let us know if there is something you miss information on.


We started the Newsletter in December 2006 in order to reach out with current information, and are glad to see that this has been very well received! Both within the faculty, and within the researchers using our facilities. In the beginning we invited all of you to contribute with issues you wanted us to feature in the newsletter. Please continue to do so!


It is important for us to reach out with current information to the researchers working at our unit. Most of us find that we receive often more e-mail than we can manage. Therefore we try to limit the use of group distribution to important information that cannot wait. All reseachers with approved projects, and everybody with admittance to the unit, have their e-mail adresse in our distribution list. If you believe you are not in this list, please contact us at post@viv.uib.no 

To make as effective use of our days as possible, we prefer that as much communication as possible come through e-mail.

The veterinarian

The vets (1,5) can often be difficult to reach, this because of varied work tasks, meetings, research, lectures, seminars, journeys etc.
Phone: 55 97 37 82 or -77. If you cannot reach them by phone, use e-mail: vetpost@viv.uib.no

Research Technicians

The research technicians can answer questions about animal care, handling of animals, the order of animals, room reservations, and other factors directly related to the animals. You can meet the technicians in the facility, or by phone Vivarium 55 97 37 88 and BBB 55 58 63 15.

Operational managers at Vivarium and BBB are responsible for the monthly invoice basis, and can answer questions about the price calculations. Please let us know also about failure of machinery and equipment. You can also e-mail to post@viv.uib.no, or directly to the operational managers.