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Laboratory Animal Science (LAS)

LAS 303 - Laboratory Animal Science for fish-researchers

UiB offer a special-topic part with focus on fish as part of the education in Laboratory animal Science

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Laboratory Animal Science for fish-researchers - LAS 303 is a species specific part of the training for animal reserach

What is covered in LAS 303

Together with LAS 301 it covers the theoretical part of the education for researchers that use animals in research based on the EU framework

The following modules are included in LAS 303

  • Module 3 Basic and appropriate biology
  • Module 4 Animal care, health and management
  • Module 5 Recognition of pain, suffering and distress
  • Module 6 Humane methods of killing 

Plan for the course

  • 10 days preparing by studying material on Canvas/mitt.uib
    • Texts to redal, video and quizes
  • Lectures - onlin using Zoom
  • Group work (online on mitt.uib)
  • Exam