The Laboratory Animal Facility

LAS302- Laboratory Animal Science part 2 (Rodents and pigs)

UiB offers specialization in mammals in our animal science courses.

Mus Rotte og Gris
E.Sennest A.Brønstad

Main content

The course shall cover species specific part of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynets) and the EU-directives (2010/63) demands to theoretical training for personal performing procedures on animals (group A) or planning or designing experiments on animals (group B).

This course will focus on traditional laboratory animals like rodents and pigs. 

To be covered in LAS 302

LAS302 covers:

  • Basic biology, needs and behavior for the relevant species
  • Reproduction, production and gene modified animals
  • Health qualities and health monitoring in laboratory animals
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Environmental conditions
  • Anesthesia and analgesia
  • Aseptic and surgical techniques

The general part is covered in LAS301.


  • 10 days peprataion and selfstudy in canvas/mitt.uin
    • Texts to read, videos and quizes
  • Lectures on Zoom
  • Exam