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Use of perfume in a lab animal facility

Perfume and aftershave of any kind have no place in a lab animal facility.

Parfymeforbud i Dyreavdelingen
Parfymeforbud i Dyreavdelingen

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When you are working with lab animals, you must not wear perfume, aftershave or similar. 

Leads to stressed animals

Perfumes very often contain pheromones, chemical neurotransmitters that trigger social responses, often linked to procreation and sexuality. The animals also perceive these and this can trigger responses that disrupt reproduction and breeding. They are also generally stressed by the scents. This will have impact on your test results.

Allergic reactions

In a laboratory environment, we are also exposed to many different chemicals and there are many people who have developed "perfume allergies", who become ill when they are exposed to certain perfume scents. So pay attention to the animals, research results and your colleagues! Frequent showering with neutral soap is the best option.