The Laboratory Animal Facility

You get a 60-minute online exam after eachcourse module.

A test-link will be sent to the candidates on beforehand - it is your responsibility to test that your computer is working!

Link to the exam will be sent at 0900 AM on the day of the exam and you have 60 minutes to complete it.

Exam questions taken from the theme covered in lectures or from the defined curriculum

You must receive 80% of max points to pass the exam.

If you have problems with access to computers and networks on the examtime, you can take an exam on PC at UiB. Contact studie@kliniskmedisin.uib.no Note"Examination Laboratory animal science"

Course certificate

Course participants that pass the exam will receive a course certificate

This will be needed as docmenttaion of training when you apply for permission for animal experiments

Take good care of your course certificate