Ancient Philosophy


Group activity in recent years have mainly been connected to the research project "Poetry and Philosophy. Poetical and Philosophical Elements in Plato's Philosophy"

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The Poetry and Philosophy project studies the complex relation between literary form and philosophical thinking in Plato' dialogues. Here, the research group cooperates with philosophers at universities in the USA (Hayden Ausland, Cynthia Freeland, Drew Hyland, and Paul Woodruff), in Italy, Denmark, as well as other universities in Norway.

Since 2012, the project is funded by "Fellesløftet", a cooperation between the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Bergen. Appropriation is NOK 6 658 000, which among other things finances a post.doc. position (held by Olof Pettersson) and a PhD scholarship (held by Gro Rørstadbotten). The project will run until November 2015.

Since 2006, yearly workshops, and since 2008, yearly international symposia have been arranged as part of the development of the project. Links to the programs of these are found on the right.

The activity of the group has furthermore resulted in several journal articles - see Publications.