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Welcome to the Arctic Seismic Data Laboratory

The Arctic Seismic Data Laboratory conducts geoscience research in arctic environments.  The research has a wide array of practical uses such as characterization of subsurface arctic geology, mapping of potential natural resources, and the planning and monitoring of CO2 injections for long-term storage.  Much of the group's research is conducted in collaboration with The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

Research topics

Relevant research topics covered in the Arctic Seismic Data Laboratory include

  • Seismic acquisition in arctic environments
  • Processing of arctic seismic data
  • Studies of the environmental impact resulting from arctic seismic exploration
  • Rock physics modelling and AVO studies of data obtained in arctic environments and the Barents Sea
  • Geological and geophysical mapping of arctic environments and the Barents Sea

More information about ongoing reserach projects can be found under the "Research" pull-down menu.