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Professor II Anne Golden
E-mail: Anne.Golden@lle.uib.no
Phone +47 22854291
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 The ASKeladden-project

The main focus in our project is how L1 influences the acquisition of L2. L1 transfer in second language learning has been a central and controversial question in SLA research. This project aims at giving new insight into how L1 transfer works in SLA. We will approach this question using new theoretical advances and a new research tool. One problem for the L2 research situation in Norway so far has been the limited empirical basis in many research projects. The electronic language learner corpus ASK (The Norwegian Language Learner Corpus) gives us the opportunity to tackle this problem. The corpus contains written texts produced by language learners from ten different language backgrounds. The size of the corpus and the flexible query system make it possible to develop a new methodological approach to the study of transfer when the L2 is Norwegian.

The project aims at developing corpus-based methods by using ASK as a research tool, and to build a strong research milieu in corpus-based SLA research. Moreover we will try to strengthen our international network with foreign universities where Norwegian language and second language learning are subjects for both teaching and research.

The theoretical point of departure is cognitive theory of language acquisition, development and change. We want to test Slobin's "thinking for speaking" hypothesis, and language typology will be the basis for the comparison of different mother tongues with Norwegian as the target langage. With the common question of how transfer from L1 affects L2 acquisition, the different projects will study transfer from different L1s, and both syntactic, morphological, textual and lexical aspects will be addressed. Within this framework one post.doc. and two Ph.D. scholars will constitute the core of the research group, together with professor Kari Tenfjord og professor Anne Golden. Dr. Grzegorz Skommer, Poznan University in Poland, will join the project as a guest researcher. Other researchers and master students will be affiliated with the project as well.


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