Bergen Bullying Research Group

New paper on bullying and personality

Lars Glasø, Morten Birkeland Nielsen, and Ståle Einarsen contributes with an article in the June edition of Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Main content

The paper is entitled "Interpersonal Problems Among Perpetrators and
Targets of Workplace Bullying"

This representative study among 2,539 Norwegian employees examines interpersonal problems among targets and perpetrators of workplace bullying. Both targets and perpetrators portrayed elevated levels of interpersonal problems. Yet, the results question the role of a general target personality in explaining exposure to workplace bullying. Although interpersonal problems were reported among 50% of the targets, interpersonal problems were also prevalent in a large proportion of the non-exposed employees. Accordingly, level of interpersonal problems does not easily differentiate targets from non-targets and calls for a broader frame of reference in order to understand the bullying process.